Silver Beach D2 | Réservation
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Reservation Silverbeach D2



Reservation - important details

  • Check-in is at 16h and check-out at 11h
  • The total price includes:
    – Rent for the selected period
    – 70 euro service fee
    – Costs for water, heating and electricity based on usage measured
    – 250 euros warranty which will be paid back a maximum of 8 days after your stay
  • Payment is done by:
    – A prepayment of the fixed fee and 50% of the rent
    – The remainder 50% rent, the warranty and options to be paid atleast 14 days before your stay
  • Optional services:
    – 5 € for 2 towels
    – 15 € for bed linnens, a readymade bed
    – Bike rental and covered parking: please contact us for a quote (


Zeedijk De Haan 24
8420 De Haan