The owner

I am Moroccan. My first contact with Europe was Switzerland, then I visited many countries and made many trips to Germany before settling in Brussels in 2013.

For this apartment I wanted to take the best of all these experiences

  • the cleanliness of the Swiss
  • the organization and seriousness of Germans
  • the practical sense of Belgians
  • and the Moroccan sense of hospitality

And I wanted my tenants not to relive the painful experiences I have
sometimes had when renting apartments. Find an apartment furnis
hed with all the furniture the owners no longer wanted at home; find mismatched crockery and scratch coated saucepans; not finding the utensil I needed … I also didn’t want them to be disappointed with rough cleanliness or faded walls or the uncomfortable bedding.
On the contrary, I wanted them to feel welcomed in this apartment and find everything they could need. Starting with impeccable cleanliness to which I attach great importance.

Do not hesitate to contact me with any questions you have: